Meet the DeFi organization called iNf4mation which allows users to take control of their data

  • iNf4mation is a breakthrough organization which is pioneering a DeFi approach to data control and management
  • Allows users to take control of their personal data and monetize it
  • Has gained notoriety and support, including social media macro-influencer Cory Warfield who will become the new Global General Manager
  • iNf4mation airdrop has launched and given away over 1,000,000 free iNf4 tokens to >150,000 iNf4mation community members

    LONDON, UK and CHICAGO, US – August 03, 2021: In the world of cryptocurrency, the decentralization of assets might be at the heart of its rapid rise, but our user data still remains under the control of centralized institutions, which continue to be exploited for profit. To tackle it head on, a breakthrough blockchain-based DeFi project will be launched with a mission of helping its users take back the control of their personal and private data.
    Based on the blockchain, iNf4mation is one of the first blockchain-based hybrid decentralized organizations in the DeFi space, developed to facilitate data control, exchange, and compliance. Not only will it provide users with easy control over their personal and private data, it will also enable them to monetize it using blockchain technology.
    iNf4mation also deploys state-of-the-art encryption and advanced data masking technology to ensure data integrity, consistency and security, without compromising on seamless decoding of user-approved data by businesses.  
    Having already gained strong traction among its loyal followers, iNf4mation is also delighted to have secured the support of renowned LinkedIn macro-influencer Cory Warfield, who will take up the position of Global General Manager.
    Cory Warfield said, “It’s remains a major issue that despite attempts to decentralize our personal data, it is still fundamentally under the control of centralized institutions. Unless we can gain greater control of our own data and confidential details, we all remain vulnerable to breaches and exploitation that can wreak havoc in our lives”.
    “That’s why it’s an honor for me to join the team at iNf4mation. Our blockchain DeFi platform is pioneering the move to give us back control of our personal and private data. Added to that, by empowering us with an easy way to manage the control and compliance of our personal and private data, iNf4mation allows us all to exchange the tokenized value of the data in a decentralized manner. I am grateful to iNf4mation for their crusade in data privacy and am honored to be given an opportunity to contribute to the delivery of their great mission.”
    By securing the LinkedIn macro-influencer, iNf4mation and Cory hope to work together to leverage his huge follower base and build interest, awareness and momentum to the upcoming blockchain DeFi platform launch.

    The iNf4mation airdrop has launched on Telegram where users can complete simple tasks or refer their friends and family and earn free iNf4 tokens. Over 1,000,000 free iNf4 tokens have already been given away to >150,000 iNf4mation community members. To learn more about the airdrop, go to:


    To be part of the iNf4mation airdrop, they have created a Public Telegram Group where users can complete simple tasks or refer their friends and family and earn free iNf4 tokens. To learn more about the airdrop, visit


    About Cory Warfield
    One of the most esteemed names on LinkedIn, Cory Warfield commands a mammoth number of 275,000+ followers on the elite social media platform.
    Cory is an entrepreneur, founder, growth hacker, viral growth coach, macro-influencer and visionary. With over 10 million LinkedIn content views and a following that grows daily that truly understands the value of marketing and branding.
    Cory’s network is very engaged. Cory understands how to pique his audiences interest and what resonates with them. Cory’s network always engages and Cory engages back.
    Cory is a strong believer that engagement provides the most value within a network of connections and followers. Cory is well versed and connected in all verticals and values his network greatly.

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