Ameren Energy Corp Unveils its Secret Bitcoin Mining Operations

Missouri-based energy generation company Ameren Corp has unveiled its secret Bitcoin mining operations near the Sioux Energy Center in the state. 

As announced by the Data Center Dynamics, Ameren set up the data centre back in April but did not disclose it until today, after it noted it has mined about 20 Bitcoin thus far. Per the report, the company has no intentions to sell off its Bitcoin holdings.

The company argues that the Bitcoin mining operation is a way to cushion the energy centre costs. “The objective here is to help fill in valleys,” said Warren Wood, the VP of regulatory and legislative affairs for Ameren Missouri. “That helps run the system more efficiently.”

However, environmentalists are bothered about the entire operation from both Ameren Corp and the Sioux Energy Center per the damage of both companies’ endeavours to the environment. 

The data centre is “essentially a way to prop up coal use,” said Andy Knott, interim central region director for the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign. “This really increases demand on the system, and therefore, demand for coal energy. I think what they’re trying to do is avoid having to ramp down their generators.”

The Sioux Energy Center is currently being threatened with lawsuits for exceeding safety limits in harmful substances emissions to the environment. 

The current backlash that the duo of Ameren Corp and the Sioux Energy Center are facing largely reflects a broader concern in the digital currency ecosystem related to crypto mining. Criticisms have grown over the years as to the energy source of mining Proof-of-Work (PoW) coins like Bitcoin and the sustainability of such energy options.

The growing clamour has pushed industry participants to explore renewable energy power sources including solar, and geothermal energy, that El Salvador’s President, Nayib Bukele, said his country would employ in generating its own BTC.

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