Arizona State University Offers Blockchain Technology, Enhancing Student’s Academic Journey

To assist learners in documenting their competencies and skills across their entire academic journeys, Arizona State University (ASU) is going a notch higher by deploying a blockchain-based technology technical stack enterprise infrastructure. - 2022-01-19T182311.373.jpg

This approach was necessitated because the university thought out of the box on how graduates showcase verifiable competencies and skills to potential employers beyond a transcript. 

Timothy Summers, executive director of product development at ASU, stated that technology-based solutions were necessitated in the institution because resumes and transcripts do not entirely show a student’s entire skillset.

On the other hand, Annie Davis, ASU’s public relations and editorial manager, pointed out that conventional documentation hinders a smooth transition between institutions because academic information is needed beyond future employment.

Davis noted:

“A third of our college students are actually going to be transferring credentials from one institution to another when they’re seeking their degree.”

With the help of open-source technology architects, the university uses cutting-edge technology like data analytics when reporting a student’s success in real-time. 

Given that students’ demographics are changing, ASU deploys a blockchain-based application called Pocket that maps a learner’s journey beyond graduation.

Summers stated:

“Pocket is a digital wallet and portfolio that empowers learners to capture the evidence of their learning, no matter the format.”

Therefore, blockchain technology is deemed a game-changer when it comes to digitising records in the education sector.

The U.S. Department of Education has been at the forefront of asking universities to become innovative when handling digital learning records to boost student mobility. Moreover, students rely on online and hybrid options to enhance their career and learning journeys. 

Meanwhile, Chengdu, the capital city of China’s Sichuan province, revealed plans to use blockchain applications for smart education. 

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