Asia’s First NFT-backed ‘Crypto Keepers’ Drama Series Officially Launches

AMM Global, a film and television production investment company, detached from Hong Kong Asia Television Limited (ATV), announced a partnership with Phoenix Waters Productions to launch Asia’s first NFT drama named ‘Crypto Keepers’.

It is reported that the series will be filmed in English and Cantonese in multiple countries, with a total of 12 episodes, which will be delivered in 2022. It has not been disclosed which issuing company will undertake this issuance.

This drama mainly tells a series of stories about a group of young Hong Kong people competing with American bankers to create a digital currency similar to Bitcoin.

The Hong Kong-based technology company CryptoBLK is responsible for developing the series as a non-fungible token (NFT). Funding parties include Phoenix Waters Productions, Hong Kong-based asset management company YG Capital, and AMM Global.

Bizhan Tong, the senior executive at AMM and founder of Phoenix Waters, said that:

“‘Crypto Keepers’ is part of our strategy to tell international, topical stories that bridge the gap between the East and West in a trailblazing manner.”

Tong also added that NFT could strengthen the connection between viewers and the program. For example, NFT can improve the roles and even some classic clips in the drama to interact with the characters and the ecosystem in the show after the show to broadcast.

NFTs have taken the art and music world by storm and are now expanding into more traditional media fields.

U.S. media giant Fox Corp announced Tuesday it is launching a campaign, raising a total of $100M creative fund for its NFT company Blockchain Creative Labs, aimed at inspiring content creators.

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