Binance.US to Establish Office in Portals, the Metaverse Platform on the Solana Blockchain

The US branch of the world-leading Binance exchange, Binance.US, is opening an office in Portals, the Metaverse platform on the Solana blockchain.

Portals is a web-based metaverse platform that allows users to explore buildings and interactive rooms. A cityscape is presented on this platform.

Binance exchange is not the only exchange with Portals building space. Chris Lund, Head of Community and Partnerships at Portals, said FTX.US, an offshoot of U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange FTX, will also establish its own office at Portals.

Lund said that:

“Binance.US is getting a space in Portals Downtown with a focus on delivering the latest news, charts, and events virtually.”

The expansion of Binance.US’s office in the virtual world aims to become a gathering place for exchange users.

In addition, other projects on the Solana blockchain including Raydium, Magic Eden, Audius, and Bonfida will set up their own offices in the Portals virtual world.

More and more companies and celebrities are scrambling to enter the open metaverse. As reported by Blockchain.News on Jan 7, Samsung Electronics America is defining the scope of its metaverse ambitions as it has launched a new store dubbed the Samsung 837x on Decentraland”

Professional drone racing League joined the Metaverse world by launching its first game on the Algorand blockchain in partnership with Playground Labs on Jan 6.

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