Bitcoin Is A Foundation Of Truth In Money

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In this episode of Bitcoin Magazine’s “Meet The Taco Plebs,” I talked to the one and only Mitch Klee, a repeat contributor here at the magazine and common presence in our Twitter Spaces.

Mitch and I discussed several topics, including his inspiration for both of his Bitcoin Magazine articles. These touch on the topics of inflation, misallocation of capital, the way that commonly-cited metrics mislead in regards to these topics, and how this all relates to Bitcoin. Mitch is a dedicated Bitcoiner who is always discussing the latest news in our “Bitcoin Contributor” Telegram chat — an exclusive chat for those who contribute here at the magazine. I highly recommend you check out both of his articles, “Bitcoin As A Pressure Release Valve,” and “Bitcoin And The Changing Definition Of CPI,” both of which are fantastic commentaries on our current economic conditions.

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