China Bans Change Bitcoin Mining

China is banning Bitcoin for real this time.

Well, more accurately, it’s banning Bitcoin mining. Following bans last month in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, government officials have banned bitcoin mining in Sichuan (the epicenter of Bitcoin mining in the country) and Qinghai, as well as levying new, hyper-restrictive regulations on operators in Yunnan.

The bans aren’t exactly shocking, but their sudden manifestation and stringency have left miners in the region reeling nonetheless. Roughly one million or so mining computers are now stranded in China, and miners are faced with a Rubik’s cube of logistical problems. Do they ship machines to new locations? Do they even have a new location to move them to? Maybe it would be easier to sell them — if they can find a buyer, that is. If they have a new location, how do they staff it properly? Miners are hemorrhaging potential profits as they search for answers to these questions so they are moving as quickly as they can.

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