Chinese Blockchain News Flash Media Platform Bi Shi Suspends its Operations

China’s well-known cryptocurrency advisory platform, Bi Shi Jie, reportedly suspends its APP and website operations, effective immediately, according to local media coverages.

Reportedly, the company’s downloads linkage access to its official website-“Bi Shi”, and the mobile app on the Apple Store has lost its function.

No official announcement related to the suspension so far. Users can still enter the official webpage and view previous related information about cryptocurrencies through “Bi Shi”At the time of pressing, the Bi Shi Jie official website is still updating.

Bi Shi Jie focuses on the local market, by providing digital currency information, bitcoin and other digital currency exchanges and wallet tool navigation, investment and financial news, market conditions, and other content services.

According to software company SEMrush, the monthly visits to the Bi Shi Jie website are as high as 327,607, with the monthly visit growth rate reaching 166.61%. On the other hand, the cumulative number of downloads of its Bi Shi Jie APP in the past 30 days has exceeded 36,000. The monthly download growth rate is as high as 11.89%, citing Apptopia’s analysis of mobile application metrics.

Bi Shi Jie, which was established on August 28, 2017, is one of the leading virtual currency information platforms in the Chinese market. Tan Chenhui serves as the founder and CEO of Bi Shi Jie. The company completed the Series A financing in March 2019, and the specific financing amount has not been explicitly disclosed. The transaction amount is approximately tens of millions of RMB. Investors include Shunwei Capital, QF Capital, FREES FUND.

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