Coinbase Allows Employees to Get Four Charge Weeks Holidays for Restoring Energy

Major U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase said it would give its employees four charging weeks (roughly one per quarter) in 2022 to allow employees to restore energy.

Coinbase says this approach won’t work for every company, but due to the high growth and the high-intensity 24/7 nature of the cryptocurrency industry, this adjustment was made to better serve customers.

In the blog, Coinbase said:

“Four weeks of coordinated recharge time might sound like a lot of time off for a company in hypergrowth, but given the intensity of our work throughout the year, we think this is the best way to ensure our pace is sustainable for the long term. “

Due to the global ravages of COVID-19, Coinbase has changed its policy to allow employees to work remotely from home.

And empower employees to take control of their well-being through our Flexible Time Off (FTO) policy (in eligible countries), which means most employees don’t need to accrue time off or worry about hitting annual limits before using the policy.

Coinbase conducted a survey of its employees, in which 52% said that charging days and weeks are the main tools to help them rest and recover in 2021.

Coinbase has tripled its headcount in the past 12 months. As a result, employees’ rest time is extremely important to their subsequent work efficiency. The exchange announced that “almost the entire company will be closed in 2022” for a four-week rest period as a return to high-intensity work.

“Despite our FTO policy for most employees, we realized in 2020 that many employees weren’t taking enough time off to recharge, either because they didn’t want to force their teammates to cover for them or because they didn’t want to fall behind on their work,” Coinbase added.

Coinbase is expanding its business. Last month, it announced the acquisition of crypto wallet startup BRD, aiming to create more secure and reliable access to the encrypted decentralized world for users.

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