Don’t Fall For The Social Credit Scoring System Trojan Horse

The below is a direct excerpt of Marty’s Bent Issue #1081: “Dystopia watch.” Sign up for the newsletter here.


Here is something to keep an eye on as calls for “climate action” and pressure to meet arbitrary “ESG standards” heat up; credit cards with a carbon limit. In 2019 Mastercard rolled out the “Doconomy card” in an effort to provide carbon impact conscious individuals with a credit card that would prevent them from spending money if they went over a predetermined “carbon limit” calculated by adding up the “carbon impact” of the goods purchased using the credit card over a specific period of time.

Well, it looks like Mastercard is beginning to position Doconomy as a proof of concept that could set a “global standard for carbon calculations” to be adopted by others. Here’s a brief video of someone highlighting how this is a clear cut way to usher in a social credit system under the guise of environmentalism.

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