India’s Telangana State Partners with CasperLabs for Seamless Blockchain-Powered Government Processes

India’s Telangana State has joined hands with CasperLabs to revamp operations using blockchain technology to stimulate more secure, efficient, and sustainable government processes.

As a leading blockchain software company, CasperLabs will render an open network that will boost entrepreneurship opportunities for the public and private sectors in Telangana.


Furthermore, blockchain initiatives are expected to empower government officials and policymakers with more insights for better decision-making. 


Jayesh Ranjan, the Principal Secretary of the Industries & Commerce (I&C) and Information Technology (IT) Departments of the Telangana government acknowledged:

“Casper blockchain not only offers unparalleled advanced technology, but also offers key insights to the industry that will be instrumental in our blockchain development efforts.” 

By lowering blockchain’s barrier to entry through a sustainable platform, CasperLabs intends to revolutionize operations in Telangana through blockchain applications


Ranjan added:

“We are excited to announce this endeavor and create new opportunities that will benefit both CasperLabs and the State of Telangana and its residents.”

Mrinal Manohar, the co-founder and CEO of CasperLabs, pointed out:

“The State of Telangana has emerged as a technology advanced government and global blockchain leader, recognizing the potential this technology holds. We’re proud to be the blockchain provider of choice for this ambitious effort and look forward to advancing blockchain adoption to help improve the lives of citizens of the state of Telangana.”

Telangana has been at the forefront of blockchain adoption.


For instance, the state deployed blockchain technology to stamp out fake academic certificates after the US Embassy raised concerns that some students and employees were applying for Visas using fraudulent papers. Therefore, the blockchain-powered system made the storage of academic records immutable.


Moreover, Telangana established a blockchain-centred incubator in collaboration with reputable educational institutions to spur innovation. 

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