Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Rolls Out Bitcoin Lightning Tips For iOS Users

Thursday, Twitter has officially enabled third-party Bitcoin tipping services, such as Strike, through iOS users’ profiles on their platform.

The new feature will have the ability to link both Bitcoin and Lightning Network addresses. The company told Reuters on a press call that they hope to roll out the feature for Android in the coming weeks.

The feature is presumed to be compatible with Strike, Cash App, Muun, and other third-party Bitcoin payment solutions. The service is also said to support Square’s forthcoming hardware wallet. Twitter stated they were “not in the flow of funds” and would not be taking commission on the payments.

A video was released on Thursday of Jack Mallers demonstrating the service with the firm’s integration of the Strike API. In the video Mallers sent Bitcoin from Chicago to El Salvador via Twitter.

Most payment solutions for the tipping feature will depend on the services available in users’ geographic locations. The exception to this will be Bitcoin and Lightning tips, which will be available to users worldwide, as Bitcoin functions independent of location.

Twitter Product team member Esther Crawford told Reuters, “There’s this great opportunity for us to choose global, barrier-less options, and Bitcoin represents one of the best options. We know not everyone around the world transacts with bitcoin yet, but … we think it’s one of the better solutions.”

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