Legacy Healing Center Accepts Crypto Payment Option for More Addiction Treatment

Legacy Healing Center, a US-based addiction treatment centre in Florida and New Jersey, has revealed the acceptance of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as valid forms of payment. This move aims to open the doors to more people seeking treatment.

Accessibility is crucial in productive addiction treatment

Legacy Healing Center is a leading provider of tailor-made treatment plans intended to address the root causes of substance abuse, such as dual diagnosis treatment and specialised trauma therapy. 

The centre said Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most well-known cryptocurrencies over the decade. Therefore, the addiction treatment centre offers accessibility, which is an important part of effective addiction treatment.

As per the announcement:

“Accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum is helping Legacy Healing Center open its doors to more people. Cryptocurrencies are one of many payment options Legacy Healing Center accepts along with insurance, wire transfers, and credit card payments.”

Crypto payment will help address substance use disorder

Based on their quest to offer the best possible addiction care, Legacy Healing Center sees the crypto payment option as a way to attract more people seeking professional help for substance use disorder. 

Payment through Bitcoin and Ethereum will enable instant transactions once patients have established their personalised treatment plan and details agreed upon with the clinical team. 

Legacy Healing Center joins the ranks of major companies like Microsoft, Starbucks, PayPal, The Home Depot, and Whole Foods embracing BTC and ETH as payment options.

Crazy Horse 3, a major strip club in Las Vegas, recently announced the acceptance of BTC as a payment method to provide customers with a faster, more convenient, and more private alternative. Meanwhile, Visa cardholders spent more than $1 billion in crypto in the first half of 2021. 

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