Luxury Hotel & Resort Group Pavilions Welcomes Bookings in Over 40 Cryptocurrencies

Luxury hotel and resort group Pavilions now accepts cryptocurrency bookings, becoming the first international luxury boutique hotel group to accept cryptocurrency for reservations, by up to 40 types of cryptocurrencies.

The group cooperates with Coindirect, the world’s leading global encrypted payment provider headquartered in the United Kingdom, to provide customers with a smooth, flexible and secure payment experience.

According to a report on the Pavilions Hotels & Resorts website, the reservation center of each hotel under Pavilions Hotels & Resorts officially accepts cryptocurrency payments starting from Wednesday 7th July, including Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Ripple(XRP), Cardano(ADA), and other 40 digital currencies.

The CEO and Co-founder of Coindirect Jesse Hemson-Struthers said that:

“We pride ourselves on providing partners a platform for instant secure payments with over 40 Cryptocurrencies; this was a critical factor for The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts to ensure the end-to-end payment service is safe, flexible, and easy for guests when booking their next experience at any of The Pavilions Hotels & Resorts’ across the globe.”

At present, customers can only use encrypted currency to make reservations via email. Pavilions team will send a valid and non-refundable payment link within 90 minutes.

Pavilions Team stated that cryptocurrency payment methods would be available on the website booking engine shortly.

The Founder of the Pavilions Hotels & Resorts, Gordon Oldham, stated that:

“Personalised experiences are at the core of our DNA; allowing this flexibility in payments combined with security and peace of mind for our guests is the next step in personalised and bespoke services. We are proud to lead the industry and enhance ourselves in the digital world with this exciting new crypto payment method available at all of our unique and distinct Hotels and Resorts across the globe.”

Pavilions Hotels & Resorts’ portfolio covers 14 locations worldwide, including some famous tourist destinations including Phuket, Bali, Himalayas, Mongolia, Rome, and so on.

Meanwhile, Pavilions Residences, located in the Phuket and Niseko resorts, will also accept cryptocurrency for real estate sales.

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