Major Strip Club in Las Vegas Crazy Horse 3 Accepts Bitcoin as Payment

Crazy Horse 3, a sizeable adult strip club in Las Vegas, has announced the acceptance of bitcoin as a payment method, aiming to provide customers with a faster, more convenient, and more private way.

According to the recent statement released from Crazy Horse 3, the entertainment venue with various honours such as “Best Strip Club in Las Vegas” by Thrillist, has cooperated with Bitcoin payment processing integrator OpenNode and will accept Bitcoin payments through the Lightning Network service.

Lightning is a type of software that processes BTC transactions out of the Bitcoin blockchain to lighten the loading on the network based on a layer-two protocol solution.

In other words, Lightning enables cheaper and faster transactions by allowing user-generated channels for receiving and sending payments.

Crazy Horse 3 becomes the first entertainment place to pay with Bitcoin in Las Vegas.

The club’s public relations representative Lindsay Feldman said:

“Crazy Horse 3 is committed to innovating the modern-day guest experience and as leaders of the Las Vegas entertainment industry. We are embracing the opportunity to accept Bitcoin as a way to deliver convenience, first-class hospitality and an added level of anonymity for our guests.”

Currently, the official club website only accepts Bitcoin to buy VIP bottle services, but Crazy Horse 3 plans to expand the scope of transactions, including admission, food selections, craft cocktails, retail, and the club’s signature “dance dollars,” valid towards lap dances and entertainer tipping.

Crazy Horse 3 said that using bitcoin as a means of payment would be more attractive, especially for international tourists travelling to and from Las Vegas for business, work, travel, and other purposes.

This world-renowned gentlemen’s club is located at 3525 W. Russell Rd, minutes away from the new Allegiant Stadium. Its excellent geographical location has attracted lots of international customers.

This innovation should be attractive to such international customers. They can choose to use Bitcoin’s lightning network function to quickly pay tips etc., instead of using traditional debit or credit cards, which may need to pay high handling fees, stating that:

“Crazy Horse 3 is committed to innovating the modern-day guest experience and as leaders of the Las Vegas entertainment industry.”

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