Oscar Actor Anthony Hopkins’s New Production “Zero Contact” to Premiere on New NFT Platform Vuele

The famous Oscar actor Anthony Hopkins’ new film called “Zero Contact” will premiere on the new platform Vuele in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). It will be the first feature-length movie sold in the form of NFT.

The film is produced by independent film finance and production company Enderby Entertainment, with Rick Dugdale as producer and director and Cam Cannon as a screenwriter.

“Zero Contact” was produced remotely in 17 different regions using zoom and other shooting techniques. It tells the story of five characters from all over the world only because of their love for the tech giant Finley Hart (Hopkins), according to Deadline Hollywood. They are connected to destroy a secret experiment that will lead to the end of life on earth led by Finley Hart.

Enderby’s producer/director Rick Dugdale said that he chose to distribute by NFT because of the non-copy ability of the NFTs, which are basically digital assets placed on an encrypted blockchain with unique serial numbers.

Dugdale said that:

“It creates scarcity in copies of the film, and protects against piracy.”

Rick Dugdale also stated that the film will be available on the Vuele Marketplace for the first time around the end of July to the beginning of August. Vuele will have four or five “drops” of Zero Contact. Dugdale said it will include movies and additional content that has yet to be determined, which will vary from token to token to create different price points.

Founded in 2019, Vuele is a direct-to-consumer NFT viewing and distribution platform focusing on film distribution and film viewing. Users can purchase content using cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

The infiltration of blockchain technology into the traditional media industry, especially encrypted narrative films and television production, seems to be on the rise.

A few days ago, AMM Global, a film and television production investment company detached from Hong Kong Asia Television Limited (ATV), announced a partnership with Phoenix Waters Productions to launch Asia’s first NFT drama named ‘Crypto Keepers’.

On June 15, U.S. media giant Fox Corp announced it was launching a campaign, raising a total of $100M creative fund for its NFT company Blockchain Creative Labs, aimed at inspiring content creators.

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