The Inevitability of Bitcoin Supremacy

Bitcoin has risen from the dead so many times, it makes Lazarus look lazy. Yet its doubters persist: “Bitcoin is a bubble,” they say; a “risky speculation with little chance of ever becoming an established form of money,” they shout.

But Bitcoin’s obituarists are not just mistaken: they are cast iron, copper-bottomed, 180 degrees wrong. Because Bitcoin’s success isn’t speculative, it’s a certainty. Or at least, as certain as anything can be in the world of finance.

Why am I so sure? Like any other Bitcoin supporter, I believe in the brilliance that’s baked into Bitcoin at the technical level. I believe in the fundamental value bitcoin holds for an individual’s financial sovereignty. I believe in its capacity to move wealth through time. And perhaps most importantly, I believe it is the best way to survive the tectonic economic shifts we are witnessing in the world today. And we “believers” are no longer alone. Bitcoin is now being embraced by everyone from institutions to governments to ordinary savers. Despite the press being fixated on price, Bitcoin continues to pass many structural and cultural adoption milestones with rapidity and ease,.

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