The iNf4mation 88% off Sale starts in only 36 days at: 

The iNf4mation 88% off Sale starts in only 36 days at: 

11:00 UTC on Friday 10th December 2021

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Remember, it’s YOUR iNf4mation; YOU’RE iN control




About iNf4mation
iNf4mation is a breakthrough data privacy organization that allows its users to take back control of their personal and private data and monetize their data’s value. Their platform upholds an approach to data control and management that is hybrid, decentralized and interoperable. iNf4mation offers the customer control-over their data while making data regulatory compliant for businesses. To gain access to user data, businesses will have to subscribe to iNf4mation for access rights to declared customer data.

iNf4mation operates through the iNf4mation Unique Customer View (iUCV) which enables customers to decide what personal data they want and don’t want to share with businesses. Additionally, the unique iNf4mation platform allows businesses to maintain data compliance by accessing only user-approved declared data.

The iNf4mation platform and iNf4mation Buddy mobile app will be officially launched in the coming months, with further updates to come.

For more information, please visit

iNf4mation is a Tech4Good company :)

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