Reasons Withdraw Bitcoin From Exchanges

#1 – If your coins are on an exchange, you need permission from the exchange to spend them. In your own custody, you can do whatever you want and pay whomever you want, whenever you want, at the fee you want.

You will understand this if you’ve ever wanted to move your bitcoin from an exchange and you were blocked because you needed to provide more identification documents or prove your source of income. You may have been blocked because you reached a 24-hour limit of value you are permitted to withdraw. Your funds may have been unavailable due to unscheduled system maintenance. It is your bitcoin and yet you are in a powerless position.

Bitcoin doesn’t actually care who you are or how much you are transacting. You can move 100,000 bitcoin and you’ll be free to do that without any resistance any time of the day, even on Christmas Eve, if the bitcoin was in your possession.

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